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Simultaneous translation, also known as simultaneous interpretation, makes communication between a speaker and listeners who speak different languages take place without any interruption. For this to happen, experienced translators in simultaneous interpreting, mastering the languages involved, and quality equipment are required. It is usually the most used modality of interpretation. 

The simultaneous translation service is used in events, presentations, lectures, business meetings, and other occasions where the speaker and the audience are from different nationalities. Communication between them would be impossible without an interpreter. Therefore, for communication to be facilitated and without interruptions, is essential to have a simultaneous interpretation. 

tradução simultânea

In situations where you can count on participants of more than one nationality, an interpreter is required for each language. For example: a lecture where the speaker is American and the audience has Brazilian and Argentine listeners, 2 interpreters will be needed: a translator from English to Portuguese and other to translate from English to Spanish.

First, for your event to take place in the best way, you need an environment with good visual and auditory quality. It will also be necessary to have a booth with acoustic insulation and devices such as microphones, headphones, a sound table, receptionists to deliver equipment to participants, as well as a technician for installation and support during the event. 

With all this prepared, the language translator will stay inside a booth with acoustic insulation and headphones, listening carefully to what the lecturer or speaker says and, simultaneously, passing on the translation of what the speaker says to the public, who will listen to the translation through headphones. 

The quality of a simultaneous translation service is in working with qualified professionals, with mastery in languages, the subject related to your event and in the use of quality equipment so that the event takes place without interruptions. 

Noveritis works with experienced interpreters qualified for simultaneous translation. We also offer the necessary equipment for this service, such as a soundproof cabin, headphones and microphones. This way, we can guarantee that your event happens in the best possible way and, of course, without interruptions. 

Interpretação consecutiva em tempo real


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