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If your company is ready to take a bold step towards internationalization, you are at the right place. We offer specialized solutions in Technical Translation, Simultaneous Translation, Sworn Translation, Dubbing, and Subtitling of videos to facilitate your global journey.

Way Beyond Translation

Technical literature

Technical documents translation.

Allow your company to speak the language of the global market without losing the technical precision essential for success.

International events

Simultaneous translation for events.

Events, seminars, and training with audiences of different nationalities will not prevent your company from advancing in the global scenario.

Official documents

Sworn translation of documents.

Our services ensure that your official documents maintain their authenticity and legal validity, even in other countries.


Consecutive translation for meetings.

In the business world, interacting with people who speak other languages is a key strategy in the internationalization process.

Audio-visual Communication

Video Dubbing or Subtitling.

Turn your videos into powerful communication tools. With our expertise, your company will win new audiences and boost your brand’s global recognition.

Technical review

In the quest for global expansion, every word counts. Our team, which specializes in technical review, ensures that your materials are polished, clear, and aligned with the norms and nuances of different cultures, maximizing the impact of your communication.

available resources

We are a company specializing in creating good connections between people and have a world-class network of contacts with access to professionals everywhere in the world. In this contact network, we have translators from different languages and with different specializations. We work with translators from English to Japanese with experience in marketing materials to medicine.

2000+ technical translators

50+ languages available

Cutting-edge technology 

The best value for money

Success stories


Translation of a book on Entrepreneurship

Environmental Science

Translation of a book on Environmental Science

Organic chemistry

Translation of a book on Organic Chemistry

Structural analysis

Translation of a book on Structural Analysis

Public administration

Translation of a book on Public Administration Theory


Translation of a book about Games

Fire Festival 2023

A team of interpreters dedicated to the
Fire Festival 23 event

UserConf 2023

Simultaneous translation during the UserConf Event


International Events

Simultaneous translation wherever necessary, in Brazil or abroad.

Cristina Achcar
Cristina Achcar
Se seu objetivo for um trabalho de tradução ou interpretação realizado com profissionalismo e seriedade, a Noveritis é a empresa que você está buscando. Ulisses e equipe entregam qualidade e pontualidade
Motta Cáceres
Motta Cáceres
É uma empresa dedicada a atender todos os tamanhos de evento. Muito focada. Parabéns e sucesso nessa trajetória!
Renilda Guimaraes
Renilda Guimaraes
Eu usei os serviços da Noveritis e fui feliz do começo ao fim de toda a transação. Atendente muito educado, gentil, esclarece todas as dúvidas, melhor preço do mercado, ótima qualidade do serviço e ainda entregou antes do prazo! Eu recomendo!
Tawana Agra
Tawana Agra
Monique Magalhaes
Monique Magalhaes
Ótima empresa!!!
Atendimento top, excelente trabalho!
Regiane Mariano
Regiane Mariano
Um ótimo Profissional, super recomendo.
Lucimara Maximo
Lucimara Maximo
Excelente Trabalho!
Matheus Medeiros
Matheus Medeiros
Atendimento top!
Maria Fernanda Olhero
Maria Fernanda Olhero
Empresa de confiança , ótimo atendimento !

main questions

What are the benefits of simultaneous interpretation at events?

Simultaneous interpretation facilitates real-time communication at global events, ensuring that all participants understand discussions immediately.

Can I request a work sample before committing to a technical translation project?

Yes, we offer the possibility of providing samples of our previous work to ensure your satisfaction before starting an entire project.

How important is a sworn translation in international processes?

A sworn translation is essential for official documents, ensuring authenticity and legal acceptance in different countries.

How long does it take to obtain a sworn translation?

The delivery time for a sworn translation varies according to the volume and complexity of the document, but is generally completed within a few days.

How does a technical review contribute to the quality of materials?

A technical review improves the clarity and accuracy of documents, ensuring the message is conveyed effectively and aligned with specific cultural norms.

Does the technical review include grammatical corrections?

Yes, the technical review covers grammatical correction, ensuring not only technical accuracy but also linguistic clarity.

How to guarantee the confidentiality of documents during a sworn translation?

Noveritis maintains strict security and confidentiality procedures to ensure the protection of our clients’ documents.

Dubbing or subtitling: which is the best option for my videos?

Choosing between dubbing and subtitling depends on your target audience and cultural preferences. Dubbing offers a more immersive experience while subtitling maintains the authenticity of the original voice.

How to ensure that technical translation maintains the accuracy of the original content?

Our technical translators undergo a rigorous selection process and have expertise in the selected area, ensuring accuracy and fidelity to the original content.

Is it possible to schedule simultaneous interpretation services in advance?

Yes, we recommend scheduling simultaneous interpretation services in advance to ensure interpreter availability and adequate planning.

How to choose between simultaneous and consecutive interpretations for events?

We recommend simultaneous translation for events with participants of different languages and consecutive translation for more intimate situations.

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