Consecutive Translation

Consecutive translation, also known as consecutive interpretation, is a mode of interpretation in which the speaker divides his speech; during this pause, the interpreter passes on to the audience what the speaker has just said, already translated. The event tends to take longer than if it were broadcast only in its native language or if it had a simultaneous translation service. But the guarantee that what the speaker says is conveyed to the audience by the consecutive interpreter, with greater fidelity to his words, is considerably larger. 

tradução consecutiva
intérpretes profissionais

Who should hire consecutive translation?

The consecutive translation service is recommended for more informal events with a smaller audience, where the speaker and the audience are of different nationalities and languages, so we could have a Spanish-English translator, an English-Portuguese translator, a Portuguese-French translator, and endless other language combinations. Due to the breaks to carry out the translation, it should be considered that the event will take longer; for example, a dialogue that takes an average of 1 hour will increase to a minimum of 2 hours. 

A consecutive translation is recommended on occasions that are not very extensive, such as, for example, business meetings, audit processes, visits to factories, small lectures and presentations, etc., because their duration can double. 

The quality of a consecutive translation service is in working with qualified professionals, with mastery in the languages, the subject related to your event and in the use of quality equipment, so that the event takes place without interruptions. 

Noveritis works with experienced interpreters qualified for simultaneous translation. We also offer the necessary equipment for this service, such as a soundproof cabin, headphones and microphones. This way, we can guarantee that your event happens in the best possible way and, of course, without interruptions. 

Interpretação consecutiva em tempo real


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