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The certified translation service  is the process of transcribing foreign documents into the national language that need to have legal effect and valid public faith; the same must be done for national documents to be valid abroad. This service is performed by a public translator, popularly known as a sworn translator, who has passed the exam at the respective Board of Trade in their state.

The certified translation service must be sought when there is a need to present a national document in another country and vice versa. The demand for these services is common for documents such as identity cards, driver's licenses, school records, birth and marriage certificates, and others, social contracts, powers of attorney, petitions, business balance sheets, chemical evaluations, among others. Briefly, one must perform a sworn translation when it is necessary for your document to have legal value outside their country of origin. 

tradução juramentada
tradução juramentada e apostila de haia

The certified translator, established as a public translator and commercial interpreter, can start their service with a simple copy of the document, but this is only validated after the presentation of the original document. Thus, the sworn translator attests that the translated content faithfully reflects the original document.  

If the original document is not presented, the translator is obliged to mention in the translated document that it was based on a simple document. 

Before requesting your certified translation, check with the institution if the document that must be presented needs Consularization or requires the Hague Apostille

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Noveritis works in partnership with qualified and licensed professionals to carry out certified translations. We remind you that your translation can be started with a scanned copy and sent by email, and later the original document can be presented, which can be sent by post or delivered in person at our office; the same happens when returning your document. 

We are ready to serve you and carry out your sworn translation. Call our commercial department, or if you prefer, request an online quote. 

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